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Birthdays Camila & Leo

It is so special when we are invited to film a family’s special event year after year.
With the Gross family, we had the pleasure of seeing what a difference a year makes and how big and beautifully they have grown!
Happy birthday once again to Leo and Camila!
We hope to continue to capture your family’s special moments!

Camila & Jessica's Birthday - Le Chocolatier

Leo's Birthday - Ninja Lounge

Birthday Film Shaiel

Shaiel, you are happiness, excitement, love and cuteness, all wrapped up in a little bottle. It was such a pleasure to film your special day and to witness your unwavering smile from behind the lens. As always, this family is something out of this world! Thank you for the gift of celebrating with you and for making this moment last by putting it to film. I hope you enjoy the video over and over again!

Camila's 8th Birthday

A day of beauty for a beautiful little girl.... inside and out. Dearest Camila, may your years be as colorful as all the colors of nail polish you can imagine, as shiny as all the tiaras that you can wear, as entertaining as all the songs you like to dance to, and as comforting as all the massages you received on your special day! Happy birthday to a glamorous 8 year old!

Birthday Film Anael - Miami - FL

Kids are the gifts in our lives that refuel our souls... They inspire us and remind us to see the beauty in life. Celebrating this princess' birthday under the sun, watching them catch the wind in their kites and move to their beat as the music provided the perfect background noise... Was a sight only paralleled by her drooling parents. Parents who wore smiles as big as they come and with more love in their hearts than words could express. Happy birthday Anael! May your life continue to always be filled with the music, laughter, love and color that came together on your birthday!!!

Trailer Aniversário 1 Ano Manuela

Quem não gosta de festa de criança? A resposta está em todos os sorrisos que registramos dos convidados, no brilho dos olhos dos familiares, no clima descontraído da festa e na alegria da mais fofa aniversariante que, como todos, aproveitou a comemoração do seu primeiro aninho de idade. Sabemos que um dia a Manuela, mais velha, assistirá a este filme e ficamos felizes que nossas imagens lhe proporcionarão um registro único desse momento.