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Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Benji Leibovich - Young Israel of Bal Harbour

It was a real treat to be able to film Benji’s bar mitzvah. Having known him as the life of the party at many of his friends’ bar mitzvahs, this young man knows how to celebrate a moment and celebrate his friends! But on this day Benji wowed everyone, his voice as he sang from the Torah gave everyone chills as the sound echoed through the synagogue and blanketed his family and friends. As he opened his arms and thanked everyone present upon completion of the ceremony, it was as if it was his cue to say, “now let’s go celebrate!” And so they did! And what a celebration it was!

Mazal tov Benji and the Leibovich Family for a beautiful event, a momentous occasion and a meaningful ceremony.


Cinematography: IgalMR Films
Event Planning and Decoration: Ornatus Events
Photo: Carlos Chattah
Venue: Young Israel of Bal Harbour

Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Noam Vainstein - Alfred I. Dupont, Miami

To the Vainstein Family, once again you have trusted me with your memories and IgalMR is so honored to be part of another simcha in your lives. This 3 day event was nothing short of spectacular! Mazal tov to Noam, your deserved every bit of this celebration. To many many more!

Trailer-Bar-Mitzvah Nessim Yohros - Aventura FL

It is always so special to have the honor of continuing to film a family’s simchas!
To the Yohros family, thank you for trusting IgalMR Films with your memories once again.
Nessim, mazal tov on your special day!


CinematographyIgalMR Films
Event Planning and Decoration: Ornatus Events
PhotoAntonio Amato Producciones
Venue: Lubavitch Aventura South

Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Noah Levine - The Shul of Bal Harbour

“You can never be over-prepared, overeducated or overdressed.” 

Noah, you displayed skillful proficiency, and insightful understanding of every detail, with flawless execution and in style that comes from beyond your sharp suit. Your style comes from within: a unique personality, heart and mind. May you take the lessons of what it took to succeed today and apply it to the life ahead of you. With your talent, intelligence and style.... you will move mountains!

CinematographyIgalMR Films
Event Planner and Design: Deborah Leah Andrusier
PhotoAurit Katan
Venue: The Shul of Bal Harbour

Birthdays Camila & Leo

It is so special when we are invited to film a family’s special event year after year.
With the Gross family, we had the pleasure of seeing what a difference a year makes and how big and beautifully they have grown!
Happy birthday once again to Leo and Camila!
We hope to continue to capture your family’s special moments!

Camila & Jessica's Birthday - Le Chocolatier

Leo's Birthday - Ninja Lounge

Bar-Mitzvah Jack Aghion - Young Israel of Bal Harbour

To a very special family in this most joyous ocassion: Jack you were phenominal and yes you are “now a man!” You deserve all the love and celebration that surrounded you on your big day.... may it follow you always! Aghions, I hope you continue to choose IgalMR Films for your simchas, for it was a pleasure capturing your moments.

CinematographyIgalMR Films
Event Planner and Design: Flornaments Planners
PhotoAntonio Amato Producciones
Venue: Young Israel of Bal Harbour

Brit-Milah Edward Boris Lekach - The Ritz Carlton of Bal Harbour

It was an honor for IgalMR Films to be present at another Lekach family simcha, a family close to our hearts! This time Joseph & Isabella presented their baby boy Edward by name for the first time to friends and family! What a beautiful couple, with smiles that captivate and warm your heart. A ceremony with meaning & tradition, ushered by those present out of love, was cradeled by a room adorned with sublime details by non other than @jassiantebi @jgroupevents. May Edward live a life filled with such simchas!


CinematographyIgalMR Films
Event Planner : JGroup Events
Photo: Sonja Garnitschnig
Venue: The Ritz Carlton of Bal Harbour

Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Jonathan Lewin - Young Israel of Bal Harbour

To the Lewin Family, Mazal Tov on your bar mitzvah! Two beautiful events, highlighted by the genetic musical talents this family possesses. May you grow from strength to strength- yasher koach! Thank you for trusting IgalMR Films with your special memories.


FilmIgalMR Films
Event Planner: Stephanie Esquenazi
PhotoAntonio Amato Producciones

Wedding Trailer Elise & Jason - Boca Raton Resort & Club

This was a marriage. This was a union of bashert souls. This was the day that two families became one..... and it was also the event that everyone will be talking about for years to come! The emotion was palpable, the ceremony was heartfelt, the celebration was thunderous and the night.....unforgettable! Elise and JJ, may the rest of your lives be as momentous as this special evening and filled with as much joy, love and celebration. Thank you for trusting IgalMR Films with all the events that led up to your special day.... may we continue to be able to capture and eternalize all your simchas for years to come!


CinematographyIgalMR Films
Event Planner & DesignJGroup Events
Photographer: El Marco Rojo
Venues: Boca Raton Resort & Club
DJ/Band: Rock with U

Wedding Trailer Chris & Chris, 111 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Chris & Chris tied the knot on 04/28/18. But they did way more than that. They reminded everyone present that #loveislove. That #dreamsdocometrue. That #loveconquersall. More importantly, they gathered loved ones, showered them with love and received that love in return, through celebration and the fondest of words! Chris & Chris, also known as C2: In science C2 is referred to as diatomic carbon. Much like the two of you, it thrives in extreme circumstances, withstands hot temperatures, lives in stellar atmospheres.... and rides on a comet for all to see and admire! #C2, @igalmrfilms wishes you both the happiest of futures, and a long life of continuing to make each others dreams come true..... always with a big glass of #lemonade in hand!


CinematographyIgalMR Films
Event Planner and Design: Forever Events
PhotoMaloman Studios
Venue Ceremony: 1111 Lincoln Road

Bat-Mitzvah Esther Attar - Lavan Venue, Hollywood - FL

Pretty in Pink, Esther shined on her special day!
Mazal tov you and your family for a beautiful event that filled the room with friendship, celebration and love.


FilmIgalMR Films
Event Planner: Jeanette Fallenbaum
Decoration: Jairo Barrios
Dinner PhotoAmato Producciones
Venue: Lavan Venue

Bar-Mitzvah Max Klinger - Aventura FL

Max enchanted the audience with his eloquence and poise. But it was his demonstration of gratitude that was the icing on the cake! Lovely family, Klingers: here’s hoping for many more simchas with you!!!


CinematographyIgalMR Films
Event Planner: Stephanie Esquenazi
Flowers: Jairo Barrios
Photo: Sagette Van Embden
Venue: Lubavitch Aventura South 

Trailer Wedding Amanda & JP - The Miami Beach EDITION

Elegance. Beauty. Tradition. Symbolism. Love. 

This event had all these things and everything in between. From a ceremony that while hilarious, was moving and incredibly profound in reminding everyone the power of perspectives.... to a party with every detail planned and designed to perfection. Congratulations to the beautiful couple! May the years to come be more that picture perfect, may they be perfect for YOU!


FilmIgalMR Films
Event Planner and Design: Jose Graterol Designs
PhotoPatty Nash Photography
BandTropics Entertainment
Party Venue: The Miami Beach EDITION

Bat-Mitzvah Party Sofia & Noah - The Jewel Box, Miami

Sofia & Noah, 

Your bash was truly #superfly! 
But how could anyone expect anything less of two #superstars!
Wishing you and your families a special Mazel Tov.... may the years to come be as #super as your special bat-mitzvah night.


FilmIgalMR Films
Event Planner: Top It Off Designs
PhotoRomulo Avendano
VenueThe Jewel Box

Bar-Mitzvah Ian Resler - Aventura FL

Baseball requires dedication, hard work, perseverance, precision and passion. Ian used all these skills he learned through baseball and applied them to preparing for his bar mitzvah.
Those that were able to share in this young man’s special day, took with them the emotion and “Kavana” that he brought to the bima.
The celebration continued and the details of the decoration were unforgettable: fit for the all star of the day, and created by Sandra herself.
A special Mazal Tov to Ian and his family, you guys hit it out of the ballpark!


CinematographyIgalMR Films
Decoration: Ornatus Events
Photo: Antonio Amato Producciones
Venue: Lubavitch Aventura South

Brit-Milah Dov Lekach Bassan - Scheck Hillel Community School

“Mishenichnas Adar Marbim Besimcha.”
They say that when Adar arrives, our joy is multiplied. This was certainly the case for the Lekach Bassan family on this day of Adar: the bris of their baby boy.
The first bris ever in Scheck Hillel’s Athletic Complex, Salo and Vicky introduced Dov to his community of friends and family. The room, tastefully decorated with Vicky’s colorful art pieces, filled to the brim with guests, overflowed with smiles. 
In the pieces, one word stood out: Ahava... Love. There was love in abundance.
Dov, your arrival certainly multiplied the joy for all those in your life and there with you on your special day.
IgalMR Films was honored to have been able to capture this moment in time for you.


Cinematography: IgalMR Films
Event Planner: Stephanie Esquenazi
Photography: Sharon Levy
Decoration: Victoria Lekach
Venue: Scheck Hillel Community School

Brit-Milah Massimo Mikel Cooper Cedron - The Ritz Carlton of Coconut Grove

The wonderful part about this profession is that I get to be with special people on the happiest days of their lives. The best part is when I get to see these families grow, and continue to film their special moments. To the Cooper Cedron Family, that you for your continued trust in our work! It was an honor to meet and film Massimo.


Cinematography: IgalMR Films
Venue: The Ritz Carlton of Coconut Grove