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Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Daniel Gampel, Aventura FL

It was a full house at the Gampel bar mitzvah! Full of family, full of friends, full of applause and hugs for the bar mitzvah boy that made his parents so proud! Full of well wishes for his future, full of energy to celebrate his day! Full of joy to be reunited, full of love! Full of Venezuelan pride, full of laughter and full of fun! Most of all, full of admiration for the young man Daniel has grown to become.

Mazal tov to the Gampel family for an incredible event. It was a privilege to be the one chosen to record your memories.

Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Joseph Abramowitz - Aventura FL

There is always a sense of awe during such events at how everything can be pulled together so nicely. But the Abramowitz family redefined this notion. In the "Erev" of Hurricane Irma, Joseph stood tall and led one of the most breath-taking services I have seen a bar mitzvah boy accomplish, and his parents Debbie and Michael greeted their guests, remained focused, poised, present and eloquent throughout the ceremony and breakfast and even worried about making sure everyone went home in time to prepare for the storm. The preparation, the thought, the love, the intentionality that went into every detail was felt, seen and appreciated by everyone present. Joseph, your presence before Hashem during your ceremony, reminded all those in attendance what needed to be number one on our lists when we got home. IgalMR Films was honored to have been chosen to film such a special and meaningful day in your lives.

Trailer Bar-Mitzvah David Aizenman - Aventura FL

Mazal Tov to the Bar-Mitzah boy David for taking a moment that could have been overwhelmed with nerves and fear, and overcoming it, turning it into a meaningful moment, one that he will look back on with pride and example of courage. May you also always take with you the love and pride that enveloped you on that day from your family and loved ones. Thank you for trusting IgalMR Films with such a special memory


CinematographyIgalMR Films
Decoration: Ornatus Events
Photo: The Lunch Box Studio
Venue: Lubavitch Aventura South

Cesar and Sasha's Carnival Birthday Party - FL

Celebrations are fun in all sizes, but extra exciting when it comes in double! Congrats to the Ades family in the birthday of Cesar and Sasha and on the beautiful carnival in the park they created. May your family continue to have wonderful reasons to celebrate!

Cinematographer: IgalMR Films
Photographer: Lenisse Komatsu Photography
Planner: Ana Paulo Biondo

Trailer Bat-Mitzvah Colette - Faena Theater, Miami Beach - FL

The party of the year, the most talked about event... This Rosenhaus celebration was nothing short of spectacular. Gorgeous gowns, feast & festivity, marvelous music and momentum, dazzling decor.... but nothing shined brighter than the star of the night: Colette Victoria! Mazal tov to the bat mitzvah in all her elegance and grace.

Cinematographer: IgalMR Films
Photographer: Patty Nash Photography
Venue: Faena Theater

South Florida Shoah 5K Run/Walk for the Holocaust Survivors

IgalMR Films had the honor and privilege of participating and being named among all the sponsors of this incredible event. South Florida's first 5K run dedicated to building awareness and educating our community about Yom Hashoa, and the need to cherish and take care of the living Holocaust survivors. These survivors hold a crucial piece to the history of humanity, they survived our darkest hour, and when they so bravely tell their stories, we remember, and we never forget..... so as not to allow history to repeat itself. The forum and structure of this event allowed the participation of even the youngest in our community. It is our hope that you enjoy and share the video, in order to help spread the awareness.

Bat-Mitzvah Sofia Wengrowsky

Every detail was flawless, unique and #rebelchic. This event was booming all night long and @sofiawengrowsky was at the center of the dancefloor! The energy was palpable and the love filled #aceprops to the brim! Mazal to the Wengrowskys who know how to throw a party, entertain their guests, and dance the night away.... but more importantly, for being the beautiful family that you are and raising such a beautiful young lady.

Cinematography: IgalMR Films
Event Planner and Design: Forever Events
Photography: Carlos Chattah
Venue: Ace Props

Bat-Mitzvah + Music Video Vera Grobman - Miami, Florida

Creativity, positivity, warmth, love and gratitude are the words that come to mind when we describe this Bat Mitzvah. A beautiful young lady with a heart so big and a very special family! The event and every detail in it, had a creative and meaningful touch, and most of all connected to a mitzvah project. Our most sincere Mazal Tov to Vera and the entire Grobman family! We truly enjoyed filming your music video and your special day.


Music Video


CinematographyIgalMR Films
Event Planner & DesignJGroup Events
Photograhy: Antonio Amato Producciones

Trailer Wedding Jenn & Wess

Sometimes clients become friends, sometimes friends become clients..... but on a few rare occasions, the event helps you reconnect with an old friend and have the honor and pleasure of filming such a special day in their lives. This event was that and more. Filled with simple elegance, heartfelt details and genuine emotion.... this celebration, this home, this family.... is the definition of love. Only the best to a special couple: Jenn & Wess

Cinematographer: IgalMR Films
Flower Design and Coordination: Event Bliss
Photographer: Gesi Schilling Inc.
Buffet: Chef IP
Rentals: Hitched Weddings and Events
DJ: Liquid DJ's
Cake: Gallery of Cakes

Trailer 15 Años Kristina - W Hotel Fort Lauderdale

Great is an overused word.... but sometimes it is associated with just the right situation. In this case: a Great party, with a Great Gatsby theme. Thank you to for trusting IgalMR Films, to capture this special moment.

Cinematography: IgalMR Films
Event Planner: Andreina Reyna
Decoration: Eventorist
Photographer: Vera Franceschi
Bands: Chino y Nacho & Grupo Vitamina
Venue: W Hotel Fort. Lauderdale

Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Moises Shaferman - Aventura

Dear Shaferman family,This bar mitzvah was a compilation of not one, not two but three incredible events; a combination of serenity and excitement, of tradition and a modern touch, of celebration and ceremony. Mazal tov to a beautiful family, inside and out!

Brit-Milah Jacob Saporta - The Ritz Carlton of Bal Harbour

Baby Saporta welcome to the world. Your day could not have been more filled with love... as is our wish for your life always!
IgalMR Films hopes to be part of all your simchas, and those of such an amazing family.


FilmIgalMR Films
Event Planner and Design: Forever Events
Venue: Ritz Carlton of Bal Harbour

Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Alan Bruckstein Slimak

There are families that mark an event... where the love, support and connection is palpable, where the excitement is electric and contagious and everyone feels like a participant. The Bruckstein Slimak family is such a family and the bar mitzvah of Alan was such an event! Mazal tov and may IgalMR Films continue to lock these wonderful memories to film!


CinematographyIgalMR Films
Event Planner and Design: Jeanette Fallenbaum
PhotoAntonio Amato
Decoration: Events Mar Us
Venue: Lubavitch Aventura South

Trailer Miriam and Jesse - St. Regis Bal Harbour

Miriam & Jesse,
Thank you for the privilege of capturing the depth of emotion on your special day, of each traditional significance, of each familial meaning, of shed tears of joy, of group laughter and celebration of loved ones and of shared smiles between a beautiful couple bonded by love, religion, ceremony and tradition. IgalMR Films hopes to films many more moments of happiness of this new family that has been formed! Mazal tov!


CinematographyIgalMR Films
Event Planner and Design: D'Events - Stephanie Esquenazi
PhotoCarlos Chattah
DecorationPetal Productions
BandEvanAl Orchestra
CatererDanziger Caterers
Venue: St. Regis Bal Harbour

Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Salomon Elie Belferman

Dear Elie Family,

Mazal tov on such an importantmilestone, on such a major accomplishment. It is an enormous undertaking and always amazing to see the pride and support in the eyes of everyone surrounded to celebrate this special occasion. Thank you for trusting our work to record this memory.


CinematographyIgalMR Films
Event Planner and Design: Eventorist
PhotoVera Franceschi
Venue: Lubavitch Aventura South

Brit-Milah Luca Leon Cooper Cedron - The Ritz Carlton of Coconut Grove

The elegance, tranquility, and serene beauty in the details, surrounded this event. But these words can also be used to describe this family and the love they share. Baby Cooper Cedron, welcome to the world! You are lucky little man to be born to so much love.... May that love follow you throughout your life. Mazal Tov!  

Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Solomon Ezra Sion

Special family. Mature and mensch of a bar mitzvah boy. Emotional service. Blast of a celebration. Ingredients to an impeccably executed bar mitzvah. Mazel Tov to Solomon and family! It was an honor to be part of your special day.


CinematographyIgalMR Films
Event Planner and Design: Jeanette Fallenbaum
Flowers: Jairo Barrios
PhotoVera Franceschi
DJ: Rock with U
Tables: Tali Tables
Venue: Lubavitch Aventura South and The Moore Building