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Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Joseph Abramowitz - Aventura FL

There is always a sense of awe during such events at how everything can be pulled together so nicely. But the Abramowitz family redefined this notion. In the "Erev" of Hurricane Irma, Joseph stood tall and led one of the most breath-taking services I have seen a bar mitzvah boy accomplish, and his parents Debbie and Michael greeted their guests, remained focused, poised, present and eloquent throughout the ceremony and breakfast and even worried about making sure everyone went home in time to prepare for the storm. The preparation, the thought, the love, the intentionality that went into every detail was felt, seen and appreciated by everyone present. Joseph, your presence before Hashem during your ceremony, reminded all those in attendance what needed to be number one on our lists when we got home. IgalMR Films was honored to have been chosen to film such a special and meaningful day in your lives.

Trailer Bat-Mitzvah Orly Shapiro - Aventura, FL

The theme to this bat mitzvah could not have been more perfect for this young lady. Based around dolls, from center piece to honors, Orly is truly a doll herself. Girly, delicate, petite and well... A sweetheart! There is no doubt that Orly poured out her heart and soul to astound everyone present... She deserved every single applause, smile, tear and hug. Orly, Mazal Tov! You are truly one of a kind... A rare doll indeed!!