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Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Alan Berner, Aventura, FL

There are moments that have a simple yet powerful touch to them.... and there are individuals that speak volumes with a look or a smile. Alan, you have this gift. With few words, you filled the room. With your genuine smile and timid glance, you melted the hearts of the family and friends there to see you. Pride was bursting from your parents’ eyes and no words could have expressed their love better than their hugs and kisses. You and your family speak a special kind of language, you are each able to convey emotion without needing to utter a sound. May this special connection between you, and those around you, follow you always. And may the energy of your special day last you a lifetime.


FilmIgalMR Films
Event Planner: Stephanie Esquenazi
PhotoAntonio Amato Producciones
VenueBeit David Highland Lakes Shul

Trailer Wedding Stephanie & Jeff - Miami Beach, FL

Steph and Jeff,
To new beginnings, to new adventures, to a new phase in your lives. May the years ahead be filled with love, friendship, celebration and admiration.... pieces of your special day carried over a lifetime! Thank you for trusting IgalMR Films to capture the moments of that day. Le’chaim!!!


Cinematography: IgalMR Films
Event Planner: Stephanie Esquenazi
Photography: Vera Franceschi
Band: Groove Republik
Venue: Eden Roc Hotel

Trailer + Invitation + Concept Video Bar-Mitzvah Joseph Gross

The artistic process with this family was such a treat.... It was exciting to work with a family so invested in the film. In this case there were three projects: invitation, trailer and comcept film. Thank you Gross Family for your dedication and appreciation!

A special Mazal Tov to Joseph, for an incredible job well done: such precision, passion, humility, and heartfelt emotion for what his day stood for.... Your emotion was felt and shared with all present.

Yasher Koach!







FilmIgalMR Films
Event Planning and DesignEventorist
PhotoAmato Producciones
Venue:The Shul of Bal Harbour

Trailer Wedding Valeria & Joel - Alfred I. Dupont Building - Miami, FL

Intimate. Creative. Unique. Elegant. Emotional. Personalized. Family-oriented. Inviting. Warm. Exciting. It was all about the details at  Valeria & Joel's wedding.... Every detail had a touch that was their own, that told their story. Their smiles were contagious.... IgalMR Films wishes you a life filled to the rim with those smiles. Mazal Tov!!!

Trailer Bat-Mitzvah Orly Shapiro - Aventura, FL

The theme to this bat mitzvah could not have been more perfect for this young lady. Based around dolls, from center piece to honors, Orly is truly a doll herself. Girly, delicate, petite and well... A sweetheart! There is no doubt that Orly poured out her heart and soul to astound everyone present... She deserved every single applause, smile, tear and hug. Orly, Mazal Tov! You are truly one of a kind... A rare doll indeed!!