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Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Alan Berner, Aventura, FL

There are moments that have a simple yet powerful touch to them.... and there are individuals that speak volumes with a look or a smile. Alan, you have this gift. With few words, you filled the room. With your genuine smile and timid glance, you melted the hearts of the family and friends there to see you. Pride was bursting from your parents’ eyes and no words could have expressed their love better than their hugs and kisses. You and your family speak a special kind of language, you are each able to convey emotion without needing to utter a sound. May this special connection between you, and those around you, follow you always. And may the energy of your special day last you a lifetime.


FilmIgalMR Films
Event Planner: Stephanie Esquenazi
PhotoAntonio Amato Producciones
VenueBeit David Highland Lakes Shul