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Brit-Milah Sergio Alexander Kiblisky

There are times that life has a way of bringing wonderful surprises our way! This beautiful baby boy came into the Kiblisky family to complete it in the best way. Welcome to the world Sergio Alexander! Your bris was a perfect representation of how much love already surrounds you.

Cinematography: IgalMR Films
Event Planner: Jeanette Fallenbaum
Photographer: The Lunch Box

Bar-Mitzvah Trailer and Concept Video Mark Szomstein

To say that this family tends to #leaveaMark is an understatement! Mark, you are an amazing young man, with a positivity that is felt by everyone around you. Your smile is contagious and it was such a pleasure to work on this project with you. IgalMR Films takes great pleasure in posting the film and trailer of your special day. Keep leaving your #Mark on the world!

Leave a Mark Concept Video

Bar—Mitzvah Trailer

CinematographyIgalMR Films
Event Planner and Design: Flornaments Planners
PhotoAntonio Amato Producciones
Venues: Skylake Synagogue and Young Israel of Bal Harbour

Wedding Proposal Michelle & Max

Sometimes we do what we need to do to get the perfect shots.... like hiding in a tent on a beach! But it is all worth it, especially for surprise proposals such as this one. The entire family was in on this surprise, and how wonderful to be able to have captured this special moment in time on camera.....

Michelle & Max, IgalMR Films is so happy to have been there for your special moment.... taking one step towards your big day.

Bat-Mitzvah Highlights Film Julia Baitner

Mazal tov Julia on your bat mitzvah! May you continue to bring tremendous nachas to your family as it is clear you have until now. It was an immense honor spending the day with you and your friends and family filming as you all engaged in such a beautiful mitzvah. What a special and meaningful way to celebrate your bat mitzvah! We hope you get to experience the ripple effects of your mitzvah and get to relive your special day watching your video.

Opshernish Leon Samuel Melul

Being able to film these special moments in the lives of my clients is always incredible. These stories take an extra special twist when IgalMR gets to experience ongoing family simchas! This story in particular is of a family whose bris we filmed, and 3 years later, on the exact date, we were behind the lens filming the opshernish. What a miracle story, what a blessing, and what an honor to be part of eternalizing this memory!

Trailer Bat-Mitzvah Dina Woldenberg - Trump International Sunny Isles Beach

Mazal tov Dina! Thank you for trusting our lens to capture your special night. Every detail was perfect, every moment enjoyed to the brim, everyone there to celebrate YOU.... and you will get to relive it when watching your film.

Trailer Bat-Mitzvah Joyce Grobman

Another beautiful event by the Grobman family celebrating their daughter, Joyce’s, bat mitzvah. Everything was impeccable and it was a night to remember, but the greatest take away from any Grobman get-together is this family’s warmth and love! Thank you for once again trusting @igalmr to capture these moments.

FilmIgalMR Films
Event Planner: Jeanette Fallenbaum
PhotoRomulo Avendano

Tino's 50th Birthday

There are moments that mark us, and there are times where we have to mark a moment and make a memory. #fiveohno for Tino was both those things, his family and friends celebrated his birthday and his 50 years of life, love and accomplishments in a most exciting SUPRISE! Tino and family, thank you for allowing IgalMR Films to capture this special moment, here’s hoping you get to relive it as often as you want to by simply pressing play.


Cinematography: IgalMR Films
Event Design + Planning: Top It Off Designs
DJ: DJ Willy
Photography: Flare Affair
Specialty Rentals: Gilded Group Decor 
Florals: Anthology Co. 
Bar Catering: Alkohol Bartending

Wedding Highlights Sara & Daniel - Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus

There are couples whose bond is so strong, the instant you meet them, you feel it in the air. And sometimes, no matter how brief the encounter, there are people who leave an imprint, merely by being themselves. This special family, this special couple, did just that. It was an honor to capture the love of this moment in time for you.... the beginning of so many more wonderful memories to come. From the tears of joy, to the bursts of laughter, to the hugs of appreciation and the smiles that replaced loving words.... may your lives be filled always with bits and pieces of this special day. Mazal tov


FilmIgalMR Films
Event Planner: Stephanie Esquenazi
PhotoAntonio Amato Producciones
Band: The Music Machine
Venue: Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus

Trailer Bat-Mitzvah Yona Groisman

Dear Yona,

Your beautiful night was a well deserved #treat for such a #sweet young lady! Wishing you only the best today and always. May that feeling in your heart last you a lifetime, because for a #shiningstar like you, anything is possible, if you just believe! Mazal tov!!!


Cinematography: IgalMR Films
Party Planner: Stephanie Esquenazi
Photography: SVE Productions
Venue: Temple Moses

Wedding Highlights Marcela & Fernando - Faena Miami Beach

Dearest Marcela & Fernando

Congratulations on your special day. It was an honor to be behind the lens to capture your moments. It is our wish for you both that this day and the emotions experienced will be etched into your hearts, creating a beautiful detail on the foundation of your love. May you always be able to access that in your memories for all the years to come. And if your memory fails, may you enjoy the video! We hope to be part of many more memories of this new family.

Wedding Highlights Stefania & David - The Miami Beach EDITION

Mazal tov to Stefania and David!

May the years to come be filled with the love, joy and excitement of your special night. We hope to be able to be behind the lens for each one of your simchas!


CinematographyIgalMR Films
Event Planner and Design: Forever Events
PhotoJonathan Scott Studio
Venue Ceremony: The Miami Beach EDITION

Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Benji Leibovich - Young Israel of Bal Harbour

It was a real treat to be able to film Benji’s bar mitzvah. Having known him as the life of the party at many of his friends’ bar mitzvahs, this young man knows how to celebrate a moment and celebrate his friends! But on this day Benji wowed everyone, his voice as he sang from the Torah gave everyone chills as the sound echoed through the synagogue and blanketed his family and friends. As he opened his arms and thanked everyone present upon completion of the ceremony, it was as if it was his cue to say, “now let’s go celebrate!” And so they did! And what a celebration it was!

Mazal tov Benji and the Leibovich Family for a beautiful event, a momentous occasion and a meaningful ceremony.


Cinematography: IgalMR Films
Event Planning and Decoration: Ornatus Events
Photo: Carlos Chattah
Venue: Young Israel of Bal Harbour

Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Noam Vainstein - Alfred I. Dupont, Miami

To the Vainstein Family, once again you have trusted me with your memories and IgalMR is so honored to be part of another simcha in your lives. This 3 day event was nothing short of spectacular! Mazal tov to Noam, your deserved every bit of this celebration. To many many more!

Trailer-Bar-Mitzvah Nessim Yohros - Aventura FL

It is always so special to have the honor of continuing to film a family’s simchas!
To the Yohros family, thank you for trusting IgalMR Films with your memories once again.
Nessim, mazal tov on your special day!


CinematographyIgalMR Films
Event Planning and Decoration: Ornatus Events
PhotoAntonio Amato Producciones
Venue: Lubavitch Aventura South

Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Noah Levine - The Shul of Bal Harbour

“You can never be over-prepared, overeducated or overdressed.” 

Noah, you displayed skillful proficiency, and insightful understanding of every detail, with flawless execution and in style that comes from beyond your sharp suit. Your style comes from within: a unique personality, heart and mind. May you take the lessons of what it took to succeed today and apply it to the life ahead of you. With your talent, intelligence and style.... you will move mountains!

CinematographyIgalMR Films
Event Planner and Design: Deborah Leah Andrusier
PhotoAurit Katan
Venue: The Shul of Bal Harbour

Birthdays Camila & Leo

It is so special when we are invited to film a family’s special event year after year.
With the Gross family, we had the pleasure of seeing what a difference a year makes and how big and beautifully they have grown!
Happy birthday once again to Leo and Camila!
We hope to continue to capture your family’s special moments!

Camila & Jessica's Birthday - Le Chocolatier

Leo's Birthday - Ninja Lounge