Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Jonathan Solomiany - Miami, FL

This family is special to me and mine for many reasons... Thank you for placing your trust in my work for such an important family event. It was a huge pleasure taking part in these beautiful celebrations! Mazal Tov Jonathan on your incredible delivery and to Tara and Alex for organizing such an emotional, warm, fun, funny, elegant, tasteful, cool and overall incredible weekend! Since your family was the first Bar Mitzvah here in the states since my return, I have taken the liberty of creating two versions of your trailer for you to enjoy: cinematic and modern, as a way for you to see both styles and yet be able to keep both.


Cinematic Version


Cinematography: IgalMR Films
Event Planner: Stephanie Esquenazi
PhotoTrevor Goldsmith Photography
VenueThe Moore Building