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Trailer Bat-Mitzvah Gaby Shiro

Dearest Shiro Family,


I want to start by thanking you for trusting IgalMR Films so wholeheartedly with your family's events. It is such an honor to be part of these special moments. But what's more, I want to thank you for always pushing me and yet giving me freedom artistically with your vision and creativity, it is such a pleasure to work on projects with you and your family! Gaby, there aren't enough words to congratulate you.... You are such a special young lady filled with so much kindness and love.... Your celebration was so deserved. Looking forward to future celebrations and projects with this incredible family.... One that I cherish being able to call friends.


FilmIgalMR Films
Event Planner: Jeanette Fallenbaum
Dinner PhotoVera Franceschi
Disco Party PhotoAlfredo Gugig
Venue: 380 District