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Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Alan Dejman - Aventura, FL

This bar mitzvah felt like it was the center point for family from all over the world to unite in celebration.... and oh how they did! Alan, you were incredible in delivering your ceremony but hit it out of the park with your speech.... beyond words! It was amazing to see the energy in the room and the sea of smiles on the dancefloor. Mazal tov!!!


CinematographyIgalMR Films
Decoration: Ornatus Events
Photo: Antonio Amato Producciones
DJ: David Orihuela
Venue: Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center

Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Moises Shaferman - Aventura

Dear Shaferman family,This bar mitzvah was a compilation of not one, not two but three incredible events; a combination of serenity and excitement, of tradition and a modern touch, of celebration and ceremony. Mazal tov to a beautiful family, inside and out!

Trailer Bar-Mitzvah Alejandro Wakszol - Aventura FL

A bar mitzvah is such a beautiful milestone... But it is so special when the bar mitzvah boy takes such dedication to heart. Alejandro's overflow of emotion touched every heart and left not a dry eye in the house! A very special mazal tov to the Wakszol family!!! Alejandro, you have set the bar high!!!


FilmIgalMR Films
Event Planning and DesignEventorist
PhotoHenry Grunberg
Venues:Aventura Chabad and Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center

Trailer Wedding Esther and Isaac - Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center - Miami

IgalMR Films wants to wish #CHapyCHechi only the very best in this new #CHapter in their lives! Filled with #CHeer, #CHuckles and one day lots of #CHildren! To a most #CHarming couple: thank you for #CHoosing IgalMR Films!!!

Trailer Wedding Erika & Larry - Aventura Turnberry, FL

On this beautiful spring afternoon, nature played its role in congratulating the bride and groom. All their family and friends waited in anticipation, the emotion and love in the air was palpable! The ceremony left no dry eye in the house, only to be followed by rockin' party!Erika & Larry, congratulations! May your life together continue to be surrounded by such positivity and great energy... 


Cinematography: IgalMR Films
Photography: Peter Halmagyi
Entertainment: Love Child
Venue: Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center