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Bat-Mitzvah + Music Video Vera Grobman - Miami, Florida

Creativity, positivity, warmth, love and gratitude are the words that come to mind when we describe this Bat Mitzvah. A beautiful young lady with a heart so big and a very special family! The event and every detail in it, had a creative and meaningful touch, and most of all connected to a mitzvah project. Our most sincere Mazal Tov to Vera and the entire Grobman family! We truly enjoyed filming your music video and your special day.


Music Video


CinematographyIgalMR Films
Event Planner & DesignJGroup Events
Photograhy: Antonio Amato Producciones

Trailer Bar-Mitzvah and Music Video Elliot Shiro - Miami,FL

The warmth and love the Shiro family generously gives is beyond words. Filming this family was one of the most fun experiences I have had! They take fun, silliness and creativity to a whole new level!!Elliot, what an honor to meet a boy your age with such a warm heart, such manners, and such an intelligent and creative mind. Your hard work and dedication was seen in your delivery of the ceremony and your celebration was a testament to how proud and happy your loved ones were for you! Thank you for the honor of being part of such and incredible experience.... And for a song that has become a hit in our house... My kids think they met a celebrity at the park!!





FilmIgalMR Films
Event Planner: Stephanie Esquenazi
PhotoTony Amato
Ceremony Decoration: Flowersloft
Ceremony Venue
:Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus
Reception Venue:LMNT

The Scientist by Beto - Coldplay

Com certeza todos que estiveram presentes no casamento do Beto e Cherie puderam atestar o talento do noivo. A IgalMR Films participou de um projeto diferente com o Beto, unindo uma ótima ideia à pessoas muito talentosas, no preparo de um videoclip especial, estrelando o Beto na sua versão de The Scientist by Coldplay, que foi apresentado na festa. Para os que não viram ou para os que ficaram com gostando de quero mais, é com orgulho que compartilhamos o resultado com todos vocês. Enjoy!