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Trailer Wedding Natalie & Jordan - Ocean Reef, Key Largo - FL

There are couples that we watch through our lens...that seem to define the word "bashert." This young, energetic, fun, down-to-earth couple embodied a sense of all things coming together "just as they should." The families' positive energy, the balance of smiles and tears, the love in the air.... So powerful and yet so blissful.There is something very intriguing about filming a beautiful, charismatic and fun-loving duo that play off each other as Natalie and Jordan do... Their syncronicity was almost contagious.... Or maybe just mesmerizing! Couple that with an incredible backdrop, the gorgeous decoration and a party full of life with attention to the most minute of details.... And you have the definition of #gettingweinked!


Cinematography: IgalMR Films
Event Planner: Stephanie Esquenazi
Photography: Ricardo Serpa
Decoration: FlowersLoft
Venue: Ocean Reef